Sunday, February 26, 2006


I accomplished my goal in completing my vest by closing ceremonies of the Olympics. It was a challenge not because the pattern was particularly hard but it was just trying to stay focused on just one project. It was fun participating in the Knitting Olympics but I don’t like having to knit on a deadline. For me it turned into a job not a fun project... So, I will not be knitting on a deadline anymore in the near future. I like knitting on my time.

To go on, I had a chance to visit Three Bags Full in Northbrook, IL on Saturday. I really think they should rename the shop to Three Bags Full of Themselves. I didn’t have a good experience. I felt like Julia Roberts character in Pretty Women. I had a ton of money to spend but no one even bothered to acknowledge me. I even walked over to the register, nothing. But, I did have an employee start talking to me by mistake. She apparently thought I was some one else as she was talking without looking. And, when she realized that I was some one totally different, she looked startled and walked away. No excuse me, No I am sorry, I miss took you for someone else, but I can I help you or at least are you finding everything ok. No it was just a look of I am surprised to see you here and walked away. I am not really sure what I did if anything. But, hell will freeze over before I spend my money there. Don’t let my experience stop you from going there. Different people have different experiences. Perhaps, I just went on a bad day!


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quick Update!

I only have 5 more inches to knit and then I can bind off. It seems like it’s taking forever to knit. I am knitting but it’s not growing. Well, anyways, I will have enough yarn despite I didn’t receive my order. So, with the extra that is coming I will make matching vest for my two children. Correct me if I am wrong, but when you purchase yarn I thought you estimate by yardage. According to the label yardage wise, I did have enough. So, that is why I ordered more yarn, however, gram wise it was the right amount. I guess in addition, to working on my vest, I will go through a ton of knitting books to get the correct answer. Oh well!

Knit On


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good News!

Everything is falling into place. I worked on my spinning all day on Tuesday except for the occasional breaks to feed the children, change diapers, wash clothes , walk the dog etc,, Hmm, some breaks. But, anyways, I think the spinning has clicked. For the most part the drafting is a lot more uniform. However, I was not still getting enough a twist. I called my teachers and they suggested that I need to turn down my Scotch tension. I must say that it seems to be working. I hope that was the problem and not my skills. I really would like to spin some Merino/Silk to knit my husband a light weight cabled vest for Fathers Day. By the way, were can I buy some reasonable priced Merino/Silk yarn for Plan B, just in case it really is my skills.

The Knitting Olympics project is coming along fine. I am in the process of shaping the neck. I could have this baby finished today if I wanted to. That is a nice feeling. I think that I actually may have enough yarn. Oh, by the way, I called the yarn shop and they informed me that my yarn had been sent today which was actually yesterday. We will see though they aren’t off my list yet.

My photographer will be home tonight. So, I will post pictures later.

That is all for now!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Think I Can!

I worked on my vest until 11:00 pm last night. I will begin the shaping tonight. There is only about another 9 inches to knit then I am finished with the knitting, this is good because I can’t stop spinning. I am so determined to get it. I just want some uniform yarn. I don’t care if it is thick or thin. I just want it uniform that is it. Is that to much to ask for. It seems like it is either too thick with not enough twist or too thin and too much twist. I know it is practice and I will keep at it, But, it is soooooo frustrating. My ball of yarn is getting larger and that is a good thing. So hopefully after the Knitting Olympics I can start making something with my odd ball yarn.

Well, until next time, Knit On and Spin Too!


Monday, February 20, 2006

Spank Me!

I have been soo bad by neglecting my knitting Olympics project as I can’t stop spinning. I just knew that was going to happen. My final spinning class was on Saturday. Again, we did drafting. I thought I knew how to draft. However, I learned I was wrong. So I haven’t been able to stop practicing because I feel it is going to click. And, I think it has. The short draw seems to work for me. I find I have more control and the yarn is a bit more uniform. I keep telling myself to leave it alone but I can’t. I need help! May be I should put my wheel in a closet. You know the saying “Out of sight, Out of mine."

Well, I have posted a picture of my vest. I think I will be able to get it done. My goal is to start the shaping by Wednesday. If I can achieve that then I am on my way provided that the yarn I ordered arrives by Thursday. If it doesn’t, then I am screwed and the company I ordered it from is too. As I am going talk really bad about them and they may loose two or three customers because I think only about two or three people actually read my blog. They E-mailed me that it would take 7 to 10 days to receive the yarn as it was a special order. I ordered back on January 31. That is all I am going to say for now! If my yarn doesn’t come by Thursday then you can bet I will be bitching.

Good luck to all that are knitting for the Gold. We can do it!

P.S. That tiny, tiny ball in the back is the yarn I can't stop spinning. It is Merino. I love Merino and the comb Corridale. I will post better pictures later. My darling photographer did a rushed job.


Friday, February 17, 2006


Thus far, I am keeping to my schedule. I am even a bit ahead. I finished the back of my vest on Thursday. I started the front of the vest and some the cabling too. I am glad that I decided to challenge myself in completing a project in 16 days. Now I realize that I can get a project done and it doesn’t have to drag on for months. I’d post a picture but I am still waiting for my husband, the photographer to take pictures. He has banned me from using his camera. I will have to share that story with you some time.

Tomorrow is the last of my spinning class. I have really enjoyed them. My spinning skills have greatly improved and I feel like I am on my way. The previous class we learned to draft. I actually did quite well. I am not sure what we will learn tomorrow but I will keep you posted.


Monday, February 13, 2006

I’m back!

Well, not that it really matters, but the family and I headed down to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a weeks vacation. The kiddies had a great time and momma’s feet felt as is I walked to the moon and back. It was pretty busy there considering it was off season. You couldn’t pay me to go during regular season. Well, you could but it would have to be a lot. The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was nice and sunny with a slight cool breeze. It is amazing that a 2.5 hour plan ride can take you from paradise back to the freezing cold. I took some knitting with me, I worked on it while my son napped and my hubby and daughter went on rides. I started a sock for my daughter, and I started my vest for the Knitting Olympics. I will post pictures later. My goal for the vest is to complete the back by this Friday. Hopefully, I can keep fighting off the urge to spin. Every time I look at my wheels, it screams come to me. But, I know I can’t as it will just throw my whole game plan off. I finally spun enough yarn to start a project. I decided I would make a felted purse. I figured the felting would hide some of my not so perfect spinning.


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