Thursday, February 07, 2008

Enough Snow Already!

Well, I have been doing a lot of knitting and sewing these past few days as it was to snowy to go anywhere, So, I was able to finish my bog jacket and the baby bibs. I still need to put a few finishing touches on them, but for the most part they are done. The bog jacket was really fun to knit. The pattern is really easy to knit even for a new knitter. It is defanitly a TV knitting project. I see myself knitting a few more in the future but more tailored and fitted.

I started a few new projects in both sewing and knitting . I made a baby quilt which is done for the most part but I just need to buy some binding and batting to finish it up. In addition, I started knitting a Ribwarmer also by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I am hoping to have it finished by next week so I can start knitting my first sweater designed by me.
I am planning a top down cardi using Noro Kueryon. This sweater will be my last cool weather project until the fall. I will post pictures of my progress over the next few weeks.


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