Sunday, May 25, 2008

In between the knitting, spinning and sewing, I have been doing some baking. I have been baking a lot of bread these days and my Hamilton Beach hand mixer died on me after 13 years. So, the husband surprised me on Mother's Day with a Kitchen Aide Mixer. I am totally in love with this mixer. It kneads my bread beautifully which my wrist are totally thankful for. I have tryed to take some Artsy Fartsy pictures of items I have baked. But it is so hard to stage something to make it look unstaged as well as getting the lighting just right. In addition my assistant was overly eager to help. Perhaps there will be a photography class in my near future.

I will post some finished photos of two shirts I sewed and two sweater that I knitted in a few days. Bye for now!


Saturday, May 03, 2008

The reason I haven't posted isn't because I don't have any thing to write about, it is quite the contrary. I always have things to write about I just don't always have pictures to show along with my post. And, for me that is they fun part about reading blogs are looking at the pictures. So, I finally got the hubby to down load some pictures today of my of WIP and finished projects. And, wouldn't you know it the excitement has passed to post about these things . I mean I don't understand I was so proud and excited about these projects a month ago okay perhaps three months ago. And now, it is like pulling to teeth to write about them. OMG speaking of teeth pulling I got my Wisdom teeth pulled about a month ago, now that is a post in itself. The yanking , pulling and blood. My jaw is still numb. No pictures though.

Well, to continue on , every time I sit down to write about these once very loved and cherished homemade items, there is no love for them any more. POOF!!!! NO feeling or excitement gone gone, gone. So rather than force myself to write about these project that I am no longer in love with I will post pictures only. No made up jive on how much fun I had making these project. Well technically I did have fun at one time. Just not right now in the moment. So with that said, Here are the pictures and Bye for now!

Pencil/marker roll for the daughter

Tote bag for me . I finished reading Friday Night Knitting club. A good book.

Sock bag in yellow and brown. Yellow is in this year.

Half of my Ez Vest. For the life of me I can't remember the correct name.


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