Monday, April 24, 2006

Knitter’s Block

Not much to report here, I just have a serious case of knitter’s block. I have a ton of books and recently purchased a ton more, yet I can’t find anything to knit. I am working on socks to help me through this phase. But, it is frustrating because I have yarn to make a few shawls and a vest but they are not inspiring me at this time. I know I want to make something light and airy for the spring and will knit up quick. What I don’t know. If anyone out there in knitting land has any suggestions, please let me know.

Until next time knit and spin on!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

What’s New!

Well, I finally finished my daughter’s sock that I started in February. I think they came out pretty good. I finally feel after completing my third pair of socks I have a good understanding on how to do them. So, I casted on a pair for my husband using Regia Jacquard. This pair is going much faster than my daughter’s sock. There is a big difference

between knitting on a size 0 needle vs. 2 on how fast things knit up. I have started knitting the second sock, so I won’t get SSS. Normally I don’t but I can’t wait to start some wash cloths that I saw in Mason Dixon Knitting. I bought Mason Dixon Knitting after reading so much hype about it on the internet. And, to my surprise, it is a really interesting book. I think is very inspiring and helps people to realize that you can knit out the box. There is more to knitting than sweaters, scarves, socks etc. So it is worth the money. I also so bought Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot and One Skein. As always the Yarn Harlot delivered on her witty and charming stories. A must read for all knitters. One Skein was ok. I expected a little more but realistically there isn’t whole lot you can do with one skein of yarn. The stuff they featured was nice. It is not a real expensive book, so I am not up set for buying it. If I had a chance to browse thorough it at a book store, I probably wouldn’t of bought it. But because I bought it on-line there isn’t much you can do.



I am glad spring is here. I really enjoy knitting in my sunroom especially since I put some decent furniture in there. Previously, we used the sunroom as a breakfast nook. But, I have since claimed it for myself. Everyone in my house has there own space. Each of my children have their own room, my husband has claim on the guest bedroom, /office, which use to be my space before I got kicked out and was as so graciously given the spare walk in closet in our master bedroom.. Our master bedroom we might as well call it the family room because the kids and the toys end up in there anyways. Needless to say I am happy and don’t have once of guilt. Don’t worry; I have designated a new area in the house for my family to have their meals. The kids can spill Cheerios in the kitchen now!

Before I go, I have some exciting knitting events coming up. Yes, thank you very much. I will be attending the Lorna’s Lace Sale and Tour exclusively for Windy City Knitting Guild members in May. Did I blog about joining the knitting guild? Sorry if I didn’t. Anyways, in August, I am taking a Norwegian Mitten Class at Stitches Midwest with my fellow partner in crime or should I say Knitter in Crime Kelly. I can’t wait. I am going to start saving my husbands money now.

Well until next time Knit and Spin on!

P.S. My spinning is getting so much better too!


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