Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It is amazing what you can accomplish went your not reading blogs all of the time. I love to read craft blogs because they really inspire me. But the down fall is that reading the blogs cut into my creative time . So now I limit myself on the time and look what I've accomplished.

All of the knitted items were designed by me. I totally love designing my own knitted items. They are so much fun and rewarding when the items are finished. The sweaters are all knit top down. The charcoal sweater looks better worn. It is knitted with Rowan Summer Tweed. Rowan Summer Tweed has a really nice drape. The hand spun is going to be for a cabled sweater I am thinking of designing.

In addition, I have been doing some sewing. I actually finished four garments but the other two needed to be washed so I will take pictures of them later. I know the photos aren't the best but I am trying.

Well bye for now!

Top Down with lace bottom Noro Crayon (The Spelling is wrong but that is how you pronounce it)

Top Down Garter stitch Rowan Summer Tweed

Socks that Rock HWY 30

Hand spun Singles

Summer Tote and Wallet

Mc Calls (Pattern)

(Butterick Pattern)


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