Sunday, June 18, 2006


Here are a few photos of the projects I am currently working on. I finshed one sock from my Rock and Weave sock kit. I won't recieve my next sock kit until mid July which is fine I will have plenty of time to finish my second sock.

Also, I have progressed well on Bombshell from big girl knits. I am hoping to have the sweater completed soon.

I am not a very fast knitter so it takes me awhile to finish things. I think for the rest of this year I am going to focus on completing projects that were put on hold or just needed to be cast on. I think I am over my knitting buying frenzy which is good. While I love knitting, I think it was starting to consume me which I didn't like, you know buying tons of yarn, books, looking at a ton of blogs buying more needles which I have a ton of. Casting on one project and setting it aside to cast on something new. Insanity I know. I am finally at a stage where I am happy with what I have not worried about what next.

Well, I guess that is it so until next time knit and spin on


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rock and Weave Pattern and Fairgounds yarn from Blue Moon Fiber!

Not much going on here. So, here are photos that I promised from my last posting.

Lovely Merino Wool


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