Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 04, 2006

I am going to just jump right into what has been going on. I don’t have much time so here I go.This is the Fair Isle vest I am knitting for my husband. I only have about three more inches to knit before I cast on the steeks. My initial goal was to have this vest finished by the end of December. But because I had to rip out like almost 9 inches as the set up row was incorrect I have decided to push the date back to the end of January. After this horrible experience, I have learned my lesson and that is swatching isn’t just for checking gauge. I am feeling pretty confident that I will meet this goal provided that I don’t start any new knitting projects. I am trying to break the habit of casting on new projects before I finish my current project except for socks. They don’t count. It is really hard though. But when it is a necessity it is ok to bend the rules. It is like 9 degrees outside and I don’t have a hat. And, I am not going to buy one because I can make my own. So, I have decided to crochet a hat, yes, I went to the other side. I needed the hat like now. Since, crocheting isn’t knitting; I didn’t really break my rule and crocheting goes much faster. Well, I was really inspired to crochet with my handspun wool and felt a winter hat after reading the winter edition of Spin-off. The article was on felting hats. It was really nice because I was able to crochet the hat in about 2 hours or so and use up some wool I spun almost a year ago. And, the felting process only took a few minutes. When the hat is dry, I will embroider flowers on it. This should be fun as I never tried embroidery. I see more felting projects in the future. I am finally going to making something from my One skein book, a small felted bag to hold my keys, cell phone and wallet. I hate carrying a large bag if I am just running a quick errand.

Well, I think that is it for now. I have to go wash a ton of clothes and hopefully do some knitting or spinning later.


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