Thursday, December 17, 2009


I finished my scarf I blogged about previously
I named it Penske . For some reason that name just seemed fitting. It came out ok. I love the colors but my tensions was off on it. So, I have decided to just use the scarf when taking the dog to do his business. I should probably call it the Poop and Peep Scarf. In addition to the scarf, I made a few winter hats for gifts to give to some of my children's friends. The children loved them. I told there mothers they should let them open there gifts now as the could certainly use them in 3 degrees weather we were having at the time.

Sorry, about these photos, It is way too early in the morning to try in fix them.

In other news, I am weaving a scarf from Lion Brand Cotton Ease and Fun Fur. I am using up stash yarn. Not sure about this scarf but we will see what happens. Perhaps, I will a two poop scooping scarves. Hopefully not, but anything fun fur one has to wonder.

The sewing bug has bit once again. I am making some recyclable shopping bags. I thought they would be good for using up stash fabric and make good gifts not for Christmas but to give just because. I will post some finished pictures of both the scarf and bags next post.

Well, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


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