Monday, July 10, 2006

I can’t believe it has been so long since I lasted posted. I suppose that it a good thing because it means I have been really busy. And what is even better is that I have been busy working on fiber related projects. Currently, I have been spinning this beautiful Merino Wool I bought awhile back. It really spins beautiful. This wool is what got me over my spinning hump. I had started to question my sanity as to why the heck I would want to spend my time frustrated spinning wool. It took forever to spin, and the finished product looked crappy. Well, I bought this Merino wool in hopes that it would rekindle my flame for spinning. The heat is on once again. I am in love with spinning. I totally get it. It is so rewarding to spin yarn and to knit an item from it even if it is only a pair of socks. What is scary is I find myself wanting to knit my handspun yarn oppose the $20.00 skeins I bought from Lorna’s Lace and Blue Moon Fiber. We all know these yarns are fabulous but it just more rewarding I suppose with something you have created. Which leads me into my next adventure Dyeing, I wanted spin some hand painted roving but found it was a bit costly for me at this time. So, I bought the Twisted Sister sock book to get some direction to dye my own yarns and roving. Well, Sunday afternoon was spent dyeing yarn. It was so much fun and not as messy as anticipated. I used Kool-aid and the cold pour method but instead of steaming it in the Microwave or crook pot I put in a plastic trash bag and let it steam in the sun. It worked. Now I am going to admit the colors are a bit muted. However, I tend to like softer colors. I think I am going to invest in some dyes for my next dyeing project. I have 2lbs of Merino roving on it way in the mail to dye and spin.

In addition to knitting spinning and dyeing, I have been trying to do some sewing. I few years ago I was really getting into sewing but with the birth of my second child, I found I didn’t have much time for it anymore. So, to get back into it I am starting small with sewing knitting bags. Anyone who knows me knows that I love knitting bags. I have three Jordana Paiges and I have been looking at the Offhand Design Bags and Green Mountain knitting bags. My conscience won’t let me buy the bags because one the bags are at least $100.00 dollars and two I could make similar bags for myself. Now my darling aunt knows of my dilemma, so being the kind person she is, she made a Carpet bag for me. It was a nice surprise. I think it is really pretty; her bag inspired me to finish making this little bag for socks. I had gotten frustrated and put it away with all of my other unfinished sewing projects. But finished it and have plans to make a few more.

Well, I think I have said enough so until next time happy spinning and knitting.


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