Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Monday!

Did you have a good Easter. My was quiet but nice. Not much going on here. I am still slowly knitting away on Wrena. I thought I'd be finished by now but it is not going to happened. I did make a scarf this weekened on my new Rigid Heddle Loom. Yes, weaving is my new hobby. I will post pictures of my loom and scarf project later. I decided to take up weaving to make good use of my scrap yarn and my homespun yarn. I wasn't knitting fast enough to possibly use up my excess. Hence, the purchase of the loom.

In other news, I am going to do some sewing this week.

After reading books by Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler , they just make me want to sew. I am not sure what, but I will be sewing something.



Saturday, April 04, 2009

Frog Pond!

Well, all I can say is rip, rip! I didn't have much luck with my last few knitted garment projects fitting right. A few I could get away with because of nature of the yarn and drape. But my most recent attempt were horrible. I ripped back Satine from French girl Knits and My tunic top from Glam knits. The Glam Knit top was way too big and was hanging off me and Satine was way too small in the body and huge in the straps. So I spent Friday ripping both projects back. I have grown as a knitters because normally I would just work with it. Now, I feel that I spend way too much time and money not to be happy in the end. I must be honest and note I am bad at swatching and trying on my garment as I knit. I just want to jump right in or I stop a project to hurry start another which leads to disaster. I did start a new project from French Girl Knits. It should be a quick knit as it is knit in a chunky weight yarn. Typically, I shy away from chunky yarn as I am chunky. Let's just face it, if I use lace or chunky yarn I am still big going to be big, so I am going knit what makes me happy. I will post the specs when I am done knitting the project if it comes out right.

In other news, I finished reading Twilight. I think overall it was a good book. I read the Anne Rice vampire books so I am kinda partial to her books. But, Twilight was an entertaining , easy to read book. Definitely geared toward teens on how the story unfolded with respect to the lovey dovie stuff and how it was presented. I enjoyed the book more towards the end. I have read reviews that the second book New Moon has more action in it so with that being said it I may buy the second book. I am an action girl myself. I watched the movie last night. I didn't much care for it. I know it is hard to make a book into a movie. I am glad they are getting a new director for the next movie. Hopefully, that person interpretation of the book on screen will be better.

Well, that is all for now. I need to swatch for Wrenna. Wish me luck!


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