Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Sock Kit

This is the most recent BMFA sock kit. The pattern is called Hippie Crunchy and the colorway is Peaseblossom. The colors are pretty. I haven't started the project yet but hopefully next month before the next kit arrives. I am trying to retrain myself to only work on one large or detailed project and a small no brainer project at a time in hopes to finish things faster. I am working on a Fair Isle Vest for my son and simple sock for my daughter. I have been working on the Fair Isle vest for about three weeks and it should be done within the next week. I will post pictures later.

I am still spinning the alpaca which I love but it sheds a lot and planning mittens, hats and scarves for the children.

A few weeks back I dyed this purple and green roving using Kool Aid. In comparing it with this BMFA roving I don't think mine looks too bad. My roving is 100% Merino wool and BMFA is a blend of Merino and Tencel that why there is a nice sheen to it.

Well, I guess that is it.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Time sure goes by fast when you are having fun. Since my last post, I celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday, my 34th birthday, I have seen Pirates of the Caribbean II, had dinner at Medieval Times, visited The Lake County Fair, The Wisconsin State Fair, and to top it all off I attended Stitches Midwest. Let me tell you, Stitches was great. I had the chance to take a Norwegian mitten class instructed by Beth Brown-Reinsel the author of Knitting Ganseys. I took the class with my partner in crime Kelly who is very fun to take a class by the way. She is so funny and witty. She had they class in stitches. The class was really informative, Beth was really nice and encouraging and all of the attendees were really nice. But knitters with bad vision beware; the charts are small so bring a magnifying glass. And, if you are wondering where the picture of my completed mitten is well there isn’t one. I am blind as a bat and as a result, I had to keep frogging my mittens as I couldn’t read the charted pattern. So, no mitten.

They were good number of vendors at Stitches, door prizes, lots of people, and yarn everywhere. I was good and didn’t over spend I was sensible. I bought some lovely hand painted sock yarn from BMFA in addition to some hand painted roving also so by BMFA but I purchased it from the Fold booth. Also from the Fold, I purchased some Baby Alpaca roving to spin. I started spinning it today. All I can say is I have a new love. I thought Merino wool was nice, alpaca is beautiful to spin. It is super soft the fiber has nice staple length and it seems to not untwist as easily as the Merino. I am going to make a lovely lace stole with it for my mother in law who lives in the UK. She just loves Alpacas.

Overall Stitches was fun, I did find that prices were normal on most items. I did take advantage of being able to browse through knitting books galore, that I will later purchase from Amazon.

Well, that is all for now I have a lot of knitting and spinning to complete so until next time happy knitting and spinning.


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