Monday, November 30, 2009

All Done!

I finished my Peacock scarf. I decided to name it that because the colors remind me of a peacock. I wanted to wear it into the city of Chicago but it didn't really match what I was wearing. Oh, did I forget to tell you that the family and I saw A Christmas Carol. It was really fun. It was the first time that I've been in the city to see a play. Actually, it was the first time riding the train since I first moved to Illinois five years ago. I've been missing out. We have always driven.

Well, I am hoping to start a new scarf project by wednesday. Something in yellow, white and grey. It should be interesting. We will see.
Have a Happy Monday.


Saturday, November 28, 2009


I bought a Harriville Easy Weaver B about 7 months ago. I made one project on it. In fact it was the already warped and ready to go when I recieved it. When I first started weaving I thought ok weaving is nice nothing too exciting. I finished my first project and decided I will warp my loom and make a new projcet. Well, the whole warping experice was not fun and I threw in the towel and didn't weave for 7 months.

Shawl kit that was included in Loom

The weaving bug bit me again. I was watching Samantha Brown on the travel channel and she was visiting Spain. Samantha was visiting local shops and went into a shop where the woman proprietor was weaving beautiful scarves. I was really impressed by her work. Now the women had a super deluxe weaving loom but I had seen nice scarves that were made on Rigid Heddle looms too. So, I decided to give weaving one more shot. I went to You tube to watch demonstrations on warping rigid heddle looms probably a million times. Don't just love you tube. Let the warping begin. I successfully warped my loom using wool I'd had siting around for years and made this scarf. It is not perfcet but I still love and will wear it. I am not ashamed.
All I can say is " I am hooked on weaving". It is so much fun once you master the warping. I even want to by a super deluxe loom in the near future. But for now I will pluck away on my Easy weaver B. I am so glad I didn't give up. Weaving is really good way to use up odd and end piece of yarn. And, finally I am using my spinning wheel more to support my new habit. Weaving is so forgiving for over spun yarn let me tell you .

This is a handspun LLama/ merino wool in addition to Harrivilles yarn I used for warp. I usesd and handspun Llama /merino for the weft. (turquois and light brown). The finished scarf pictures and spec. to come soon and my next poject!


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